Scientific Committee

The members of the committee

Arch. Benedetto Antonini​

Built Environment Area

Past Director of Urban Planning of Ticino Canton in Switzerland, “Our Europe” Committee Member

Prof. Giampiero Bambagioni​

Economics and Strategy Area

Scientific Director of the Italian Property Valuation Standard and Chair UNECE Real Estate Market Advisory Group

Prof. Marina Botta, PhD MIT

Built Environment Area

Royal Institute of Technology Stoccolma - KTH.

Prof. Marco Brischetto

Economy and Strategy Area

Adjunct professor of the course Economics at Polytechnic University of Milan.

Prof. Santiago Caprio, PhD UBA

Art and Design Area​

Visiting professor of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at Polytechnic University of Milan and Adjunct professor of Technology and Urban Design at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Prof. Angelo Caruso di Spaccaforno

Economics and Strategy Area

Associate Professor of Estimation and Economic Evaluation of Projects. Co-director of the PolisMaker Lab - CISE.

Prof. Francesco Paolo Cecati

Economics and Strategy Area

President of Italian Association of Value Management and Value Analysis - AIAV

Atty. Elisabetta Cicigoi

Law Area

Expert in Environmental Law. Member of ’International Law and Practice Section – The New York State Bar Association.

Prof. Paolo Maria Di Stefano

Economics and Strategy Area

Industrial Manager and Professor of Marketing at the University for Foreigners of Perugia

Dr. Enrico Fedrighini

Economy and Strategy Area

Head of Integrity Management United Risk Management S.p.A.

Prof. Giovanna Fossa

Built Environment Area

Full professor of Urban And Regional Planning at Polytechnic University of Milan

Prof. Andrea Fossati

Built Environment Area

Adjunct professor of the Urban Technique Laboratory 1 at Polytechnic University of Milan

Prof. Lucio Fumagalli

Communication Area

President BAICR Cultura della Relazione.

Prof. Antoine Wasserfallen, PhD EPFL

Economy and Strategy Area

EU Business School, Geneva & Montreux, Bagnes Verbier Town Architect

Prof. Roberto Gerundo

Built Environment Area

Associate Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Salerno.

Prof. Giovanni Lonati

Built Environment Area

Associate professor of Environmental Technology at Polytechnic University of Milan

Prof. Pier Luigi Maffei

Economy and Strategy Area

Professor of Technical Architecture at the Faculty of Building Engineering University of Pisa, Honorary President of the AIAV Association - Management and Analysis of Value.

Prof. Paolo Martini

Human Sciences Area

Anthropologist, past Provider of studies City of Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Prof. Eduardo Elguezabal Mazzolla

Economy and Strategy Area

Professor of Real Estate Appraisal and Project and planning economic assessment – Faculty of Architecture, Buenos Aires.

Prof. Marcello Menni

Economy and Strategy Area

Director of the Vittorino Colombo Foundation, Head of the Study Center of Assoedilizia, General Secretary of the Italian-Chinese Institute, Head of the Tourist Area of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo

Prof. Dipak R. Pant

Human Sciences Area

Founder of the Interdisciplinary Studies Unit for Sustainable Economics and Professor of Anthropology and Economics, Senior Member of the Faculty - School of Economics and Management Carlo Cattaneo University - LIUC, Professor in various universities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Prof. Fulvia Pinto

Built Environment Area

Professor of Urban Planning, Politecnico di Milano.

Prof. Massimo Santaroni

Law Area

Associate professor of Comparative legal systems, University of Trento.

Prof. Ciriaco Santoro

Built Environment Area

High school educator

Ing. Marco Scaramellini

Built Environment Area

President of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Sondrio, Vice President of the Higher Education School of the Foun-dation of the Italian Council of Engineers.

Prof. Teresa Trejo Guzmàn

Built Environment Area

Professor of Architectural Design, “Tecnologico Nazional de Mexico” (TNM), ITQ – Mexico.

Prof. Enrico Tacchi

Human Sciences Area

Professor of Sociology of the environment and the territory – University of Milan.

Prof. Cesare Vaccà

Law Area

Associate professor of Private Law, University of Milan – Bicocca

Prof. Andrea Villani

Economy and Strategy Area

Professor of Urban Economics, Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan.

Guest Lecturers

Professors, experts, well-known in their field and famous guest lecturers to offer a new perspective and variety in the way and vision of Quality of Urban Life and Sustainability.

Dr. Franco Amigoni

Sincron Polis, PolisMaker

Arch. Franco Pallanza

Architect and PolisMaker for the recovery of Cultural Heritage

Arch. Piera Belotti

Territory, Urban Planning, Defense of Soil and Metropolitan City, Lombardy Region

Arch. Monica Bonechi

PolisMaker, Project Manager and communication expert

Ing. Serena Braccini PhD

University of Pisa

Dott. Mark Brusati PhD

Interdisciplinary Studies Unit for Sustainable Economy, Università Carlo Cattaneo

Prof. Marco Botta

Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance at Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan

Arch. Maurizio Spada

President of Institute of Environment and Humanity

Dott.ssa Maura Cetti Serbelloni

Expert in tourism and cultural heritage

Arch. Sandra Zappella

Manager of territory, urban planning, soil protection and metropolitan city, Lombardy region.

Arch. Antonio Costantino

President of National College of Italian Architects CNEAI

Prof. Emmanuele Villani

Professor of Industrial Product Design at the Politecnico di Milano

Dott.ssa Alessandra De Seneen

Partner 4Changing

Avv. Maria Rosaria Fascia

Expert in urban negotiation

Dott.ssa Paola Friggè

Psychology and Art Research Unit, Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan

Dott.ssa Lucia Colombo

Psychology and Art Research Unit, Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan

Arch. Maria Teresa Genoni

Project Manager YARD S.p.A.

Ing. Alberto Germani

Member of the UNECE PP Expert Team, Technical Director of the PMF Engineering Company

Dott.ssa Paola Lunghini

Director of Economia Immobiliare

Dott. Giuseppe Mastrilli

Provveditorato Public Works Lombardy - Emilia Romagna

Dott.ssa Beatrice Melillo

Land Reclamation Operative Unit, Regional Agency for Environmental Protection, Arpa Lombardia

Arch. Uberto Visconti di Massino

Partner Europrogetti & Finanza

Ing. Fabio Valsecchi

Head of Civil Protection Services - Transport and Mobility - Province of Lecco

Dott.ssa Gabriella Olivieri

Trainer of Workplace Health & Safety, Environmental protection, Expert in Public Administration Studies

Avv. Roberta Pierantoni

Expert in Regulatory Law, SBNP | Studio Biscozzi Nobili Piazza

Arch. Paolo Simonetti

Past Central Development Territory Director. Municipality of Milan

Arch. Marco Porro

Architect PolisMaker

Dott. Emanuele Rizzardi

Partner 4changing

Prof. Emilio Renzi

Philosopher, past Professor of Semiotics of the Faculty of Design project, Politecnico di Milano

Dott.ssa Elena Romani

Psychology and Art Research Unit of Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan

Prof. Simona Ruggi

Adjunct professor, Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan

Prof. Daniele Ruscio PhD

Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan

Arch. Roberto Sacchi

President of Culture and Environment Bergamo

Ing. Alessandro Zichi PhD

Master BIM Manager Politecnico di Milano