Il Master PolisMaker per la qualità della vita e lo sviluppo urbano sostenibile del Politecnico di Milano.

Faculty and Master Commission

Guide and reflect PolisMaker centrality in addressing academics mission among transversals fields and applying the knowledge.

Providing leadership for the faculty-driven assessment of PolisMaker toward innovation and acquiring new knowledge.

Prof. Angelo Caruso di Spaccaforno

Docent of the course Project Evaluation and EconomicEstimation at Politecnico di Milano, President of the PolisMaker Lab

Prof. Santiago Caprio, PhD

Visiting professor of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at Politecnico di Milano, University of Buenos Aires, Past Director of Real Estate and Natural Resources and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Argentina

Prof. Benedetto Antonini

Past Director of Urban Planning of Ticino Canton in Switzerland, OurEurope Committee Member

Dott. Emanuele Rizzardi

Project Management, BAICR Culture of Relationships

Eng. Andrea Galli
Technical - Scientific Coordinator

Value Manager, PolisMaker

Arch. Marco Asciutti
Didactic - Scientific Coordinator

Architect, PolisMaker

Master Commission

Master Commission is consisted of the Polytechnic University of Milan professors:

Angelo Caruso di Spaccaforno

(Politecnico di Milano)

Marco Brischetto

(Politecnico di Milano)

Santiago Caprio

(Politecnico di Milano)

Giovanni Lonati

(Politecnico di Milano)

Giovanna Fossa

(Politecnico di Milano)

Fulvia Pinto

(Politecnico di Milano)

Maria Antonia Brovelli

(Politecnico di Milano)

Arch. Benedetto Antonini

(Our Europe Committee Member)

Prof. Giampiero Bambagioni

(Bureau Member, Unece Committee on Urban Development Housing and Land management)

 Atty. Elisabetta Cicigoi

(Member of International Law and Practice Sec-tion of the New York State Bar Association)

Prof. Gabriella Gilli

(Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan)

Dr. Lucio Fumagalli

(President of BAICR Culture of Relationships)

Prof. Antoine Wasserfallen

(EU Business School, Geneva & Montreux)

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